Saturday, April 28, 2018

Google Expeditions came to my school

I was excited to host Google Expeditions at my school in Early April. Here is a video I made about the experience:

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Jay's Greek Day and Easter with family

We had a great time this Easter all together. We went to school and saw Jay give his "Greek God Presentation on Atlas". He did a great job and Ezra loved being at school. The crew ate lunch with Andy and played outside for a bit before going back home and being babysat by Grandpa and Grandma. They had lots of fun in the backyard.
That night we celebrated April and May birthdays. We mostly celebrated Ezra:) It was a "Paw Patrol" party so we had a puppy adoption station, and then they had to teach their puppy tricks. After that Andy read a Paw Patrol book to everyone, then we had cupcakes!
On Saturday morning we spent some time trying on costumes for fun...
Then we got ready and went to the Easter Egg hunt. Jay found a golden egg with $5 in it:)
The Easter Egg hunt for Ellie: Ellie kept us entertained on the way home by singing: After that Dad and I checked out an Architectural salvage shop:
Of course Andy had some wood in his knee...
Church was beautiful and fun. John and I were busy with music so Grandpa and Grandma helped a lot. We had a "Dutch Pancake" breakfast before church. Ellie thought it was pretty great!
We took a few more pictures after church and went for a walk.
We let the boys throw some rocks in a little standing water...we came back 5 min. later to this..
Happy Easter!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ellie 22 months old

Ellie has been so much fun (and trouble) lately. She loves frosting!
She shares her feelings often: She is very enthusiastic about Mommy's goodwill finds!
She is way more motherly than the boys ever were...
She also wants to try everything we do including stretching, dress-up and blending.
She has enjoyed watching the Olympics. She gets in lots of trouble:
She has also been talking up a storm! She loves playing with friends, even if it takes a while to warm up to them:
My favorite is when she is asleep and adorable:

Boy Shenanigans (Andy 5 1/2, Jay 7 1/2)

The boys have been very busy this summer with shenanigans. We are finally starting to see them play together without fighting ALL the time. Jay's basketball team won the championship and the coach gave them trophies.
During one of our cleaning days in the basement, John got out all his old video games and consoles, and each boy had a console and got to play games for a few hours (which was SUPER fun for them).
The boys got new coats from Grandma.
We have kept them busy with Skate Parks, regular parks, dance parties (with 90% off valentine clearance toys), snow time, They got on top of the shed by themselves...and spent an hour up there.
The backyard looked like this when I left at 1:30pm, and when I came home they had shoveled it all.